Gold, a mythical metal

Gold is the most malleable of all metals. A single gram can be beaten into a square foot sheet. This is something we have not actually tried.
We work almost exclusively in 18K gold. The Gold is usually red or white gold, but we also work with some yellow and rose. 18k gold is composed of 75% completely pure gold and 25% other metals. The remaining 25 % is what determines what color it should be. In the “normal red gold” it is copper and silver that has determined the color and in white gold there is palladium mixed in.
One should remember that jewelry with white gold have a surface finish of rhodium that degrades over time, therefore they need to be reshined periodically.

The gold we use is recycled gold. Recycled gold is more environmental friendly than mining broken, because it reduces emissions and pollution of air and water more than it takes than to extract from mining. This is something close to our heart. Therefore, we minimize the number of chemicals as much as possible in our workshop and are constantly looking for new healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives.