Workshop, where fairy tales come true

The heart of our business is the shop. This is where we forge, experiment, refine, sweat and gore our heads. Simply everything it takes, to turn that chunk of gold into a piece of jewelry with a touch of soul. All jewelry from Guldmakeriet is mostly done by hand.

The Goldsmith profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and Guldmakeriet takes great pride in that history. Many of our tools in the shop look about the same as when the profession once started a few thousand years ago.

Every piece that leaves the shop is created with the love for detail, craftsmanship and indeed for the jewelry soul. It may sound pretentious. But sitting with a piece of jewelry in one hand and the tool in the other, working out every little detail and personality traits creates a kind of relationship with each piece. Perhaps that is why each piece of jewelry is unique, has its own character, and radiates its own kind of life.

Our design language reflects ourselves, or that is how we want them be. Exuberant, curious, strong, challenging and romantic. Inspired by life, with adoration for the shimmering mysterious, curious young, the complex and asymmetrical.
A story if you will.

You can look in our photo gallery to see what we have previously done for jewelry.

Here at Guldmakeriet we have unique pieces, but we also have some “best sellers” which we create in several editions.
Materials and gemstones vary depending on what mission may be. We work with precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum and we always use genuine stones.

Our clients, a declaration of love.
Yes dear customers, for you really are. You are the ones that make us go to our job with a smile on our faces. You give us challenges so that we can test our limits. You give us new insights and ideas. We meet each other face to face. We sketch, imagine and bursts out laughing. Yes, some of you have even become really close friends. Which happens sometimes, when you give someone the confidence to create something for someone that will last forever, or your next party for that matter.

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