Changes – kit 5

4 700 kr

Complete kit with large rödguldskrokar, prasiolitdroppar and rödguldsblad. Included in Changes series.

Can be purchased to solve droplets and other accessories to swap with all different occasions.
All stones and loose parts in the Changes-series are compatible with each other,
ie you can create an infinite number of combinations for all different occasion

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Product Description

Large hooks in 18k gold. Width: 15 mm across the entire
Available only in red gold.
Prasiolitdroppar approximately 18.5 mm long including loop, about 12 mm wide.
The stones can be different from the picture because it is a natural stone with inclusions in.
Foliage in matt and glossy 18k gold.
Width of both: 6.8 mm
Height including loop: 7.8 mm