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To order a piece of jewelry

With us, the canvas starts off white, the same as with a painter. How the finished piece looks like is just a matter of imagination, yours and ours.
Sometimes you will have a clear picture of what you want. Other times, the idea is a bit more diffuse. But together, we sow a seed that we Guldmakeriet can then administer to what will be the jewel that will brighten your everyday and special occasion.

For the most part we make jewelry to order. In the shop we have a small selection of finished jewelry for sale that may inspire you. With us there are no ready-made solutions but every order is unique according to your particular wishes. We want to bring flavor to the most loving ideas.

Start by gathering your old gold in the dresser drawer, if you have any. Figure out if it is a ring, necklace or anything other kind of piece that you want to get done. We melt the gold ourselves and can therefore guarantee that it is the same gold you get back.

Because you always able to follow the work of your piece through dropping by, trying it out, feeling, and looking, there is always space to change even the smallest details so that the end result is customized just for you.

Please book a time so we can go through your thoughts and ideas.